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2019 March 14

Pros and Cons of Selling Your Home on Your Own

For Sale By Onwer

FSBO (pronounced fizzbo) is real estate lingo for For Sale by Owner, and it’s a term that you’ve probably heard before. Most people who seek to sell their home without a real estate agent do so because they want to save on 6-7% of the closing sale, which is usually the amount divided equally between

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2018 November 15

How to Deal With House Sale Contingencies


If you’re past the glow of buying your first home and ready to move on up or just tired of the home you’re currently in, it might be time to sell. But selling a house while buying a home requires a little bit more finesse than just making a purchase. Below, we’ll walk you through

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2018 August 22

How Does Escrow Work When Buying or Selling A House?

How Deos Escrow Work When Buying A House

How Does Escrow Work When Buying or Selling a House? If escrow real-estate transactions still confuse you a bit, in this article, we will be looking at the escrow process of a home sale or resale. Below, we go over the steps of this specific escrow process in California so that you know exactly what

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2018 August 22

How Does Escrow Work When Selling A New Home?

How Does Esrow Work When Selling A New Home

How Does Escrow Work When Selling a House? It is highly probable that you will have to familiarize yourself with the escrow process if you are selling a home. Whether you have built one house or have a list of homes you want to sell, each real estate transaction will be finalized through the escrow

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2018 March 30

The Costs Of Selling A Home: What To Communicate To Your Client


Real Estate Agents Read On!! As San Diego’s premier escrow company, New Venture Escrow takes pride in the fact that we work  with conscientious real estate agents who share our commitment to creating a transparent sales process for buyers and sellers alike. That’s why we feel so strongly about the importance of making sure sellers

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