Courtney Louis

I grew up in Calabasas, California which is where I was first exposed to the real estate business. Working alongside my mother at Prudential, John Aaroe made me realize there was something magical about the real estate industry. I learned that my passion and love for personal development went hand in hand with real estate and I loved every minute that I spent learning, networking and developing business relationships in the field.

I was presented with an incredible opportunity to transfer to San Diego, California and I had always dreamt of living in San Diego, so I jumped at the opportunity and felt excited about continuing to develop and grow in business. After many successful years working as a title rep, I would make a decision that would change the path and direction of my life in ways that I cannot fully describe. I was offered a partnership in a local escrow company which I accepted and fully embraced. I would become a main contributor in a new company with a new innovative vision that later transformed into New Venture Escrow. I am humbled and grateful to be able to work alongside great people whom I truly care about and consider my family.

The knowledge and experience I have gained in the Real Estate industry since 2001, has aided my ability to be a vital component of New Venture Escrow’s success. Our foundation is built upon new technology, innovation, and unparalleled service to real estate agents, buyers and sellers. I can promise that there is no other escrow company that has enhanced and improved the escrow process the way that New Venture Escrow has. New Venture Escrow is truly dedicated to our clients and customers first, and we will continue to develop safer and better methods of improving the escrow process.

Thank you,

Courtney Louis


Courtney Louis
Vice President of Sales


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