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As an independent company, New Venture Escrow provides a full range of escrow services across multiple transaction types. We are committed to protecting our clients’ assets in all circumstances, and we set and meet ambitious deadlines. We’re proud to offer industry-leading expertise in San Diego. We specialize in the following transaction areas.

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Escrow Service Specialist
We specialize in the following transaction areas:

  1. Home Resale
  2. New Home Sale
  3. Home Refinance
  4. Short Sale
  5. Relocation
  6. Investment Property
  7. Commercial and Industrial Property
  8. REO Property


Home Resale

The steps in a residential home resale transaction are actually very simple. Our goal is to keep your escrow transaction free of stress, and we do this by providing detailed, considerate guidance through each step of the process.

In order to successfully close a home resale, the following conditions must be met.

  1. The buyer must deposit all necessary funds into the escrow account. The funds must cover the full sales amount of the home plus any additional fees.
  2. The buyer must present all applicable documentation, such as insurance.
  3. The seller must deposit a deed to the property that names the buyer as the owner. This deed is crafted by the escrow company to meet all federal and state guidelines.
  4. The seller must present any additional required documentation at this time.
  5. If the above conditions are fully met within the stated escrow timeframe, the transaction closes and the change in property ownership is recorded.


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Home Resale
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Home Refinance
Home Refinance

In a refinance, a homeowner replaces his or her current mortgage with a new mortgage. The new mortgage often comes with terms more favorable to the borrower than those of the current mortgage. In order to save money or benefit financially from a refinance, careful calculations must be made. A refinance can be a delicate financial instrument and must be entered into with care and thoughtful analysis. With years of successful experience handling refinance transactions, New Venture Escrow will guide you each step of the way to maximize your savings with your new mortgage.

Necessary Items

In order to swiftly and successfully open your escrow, we’ll need you to provide the following items as applicable.

  1. Copy of the purchase contract and all counter offers
  2. Copy of the listing agreement
  3. Copy of the MLS printout or the Cooperative Broker Commission Agreement
  4. Copy of the wood destroying pest inspection and allocation of costs
  5. New lender contact information
  6. Payoff information
  7. HOA Information
  8. Exchange accommodator contact information
  9. Open Sale Escrow Fax Cover Sheet
  10. Refinance Escrow Opening Sheet
  11. Bulk Sale Opening Package

If you aren’t sure what items apply to your specific closing account situation, contact one of our escrow officers and we’ll walk you through the process step by step.

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