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For Agents

For Agents, we are more than just an escrow company.  We offer specialized services to our Real Estate partners that foster new connections, build strong relationships, and increase sales.

A Dedicated Sales Representative

New Venture Escrow understands the demands that exist in the Real Estate market today. Our Sales Representatives are available to assist you with the implementation of marketing and business development strategies to help grow your business. Our sales team is trained on various reports, have accessibility to the real estate industry that will have pertinent information that is available to increase your sales, and be an asset to your company. Sales representatives work out in the fields as an extension of your team and are available at anytime.

To reach a Sales Rep, contact us at (619) 327-2288 or Email our Vice President of Sales, Courtney Louis.

A Mobile App

VentureTracTM is the iOS Mobile App for REALTORS®, brokers, buyers and sellers that provides transparency in all your real estate transactions.  We developed the app with our busy, on-the-go business partners in mind. The app tracks the progress of each escrow transaction in real-time from your iPhone or iPad so you can access all your escrow information in the field. Access important documents at the touch of a button. Add major transaction millstones to your calendar and receive push notification reminders. Get one-tap access to each party in the transaction. Learn more and Download.

A Seller Net Proceeds Sheet

Today’s Real Estate market is competitive. We want our business partners to be equipped on each appointment they get. As a resource, we offer a “Seller Net Proceeds Sheet” to our agents, along with the seller. This form will allow you to sit in front of potential clients and review estimated figures they are likely to see in the event of a sold home. This tool will give clarity to a seller that has questions on taxes, inspections, payoff’s etc. Fill out the form below so we can assist in your listing presentation. With further questions on this option you can also Email Us.

Cloud Computing Platform

Technology has been taken over by the Cloud. A huge benefit of utilizing cloud storage at New Venture Escrow is the ability for multiple escrow officers to access, edit and share folders and files that they are working on. This greatly improves collaboration between our team and ensures no time is wasted.  Escrow officers have full access to files, even from their cell phones making us efficient and accessible for emergencies while we’re in the office or in the field.

Paperless Documents

Ask us about our paperless process.  Contact us at (619) 327-2288 or Email us.


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