Google + Tips for Realtors

Google + Tips for Realtors

According to Google, there are 170 million users on Google +!  Here are two of our favorite things about Google + you may like as well.

1) Circles

Google + Tips for Realtors

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The best functionality of Google + is circles, and it’s perfect for Real Estate Agents.  This function appears to be just like Facebook friends, but it’s better.  Circles allows you to categorize your contacts into groups.  For example, you might categorize some contacts as potential buyers and others as sellers.  You may want to post relevant buyer content such as links to listing websites or images of a property you have for sale, but that content would not be relevant to your sellers.  You may also like to stay in the loop and share with your agent colleagues, but may not want to share your family vacation pictures with them.  Circles is simply a easy way to share relevant content and stay relevant and in-front of the people you choose to share with.

2) Hangouts

With Google + you can hangout face-to-face with your circles in real-time!  Let’s say you’ve created a circle of people on your team; you can hangout via video chat with all of them at the same time! You can add one or even several of your circles to your hangout.  When you invite people to join your hang out (video chat room), Google + will notify the people in your circle for you, helping you get in-front of the people you want to be in-front of.  And, if you start a start a hangout but another hangout is already happening, Google + will tell you, so you can join the current conversation.  The best part, is that anyone in the hangout can invite anyone else to join!

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