New Venture Escrow strives to make your life easier every day. To make this happen, we are always on top of our technology; developing new cutting-edge products and tools and matching it with superior customer service to accelerate and enhance your escrow process.
Space for Human Error

Space for Human Error

New Venture Escrow knows that no matter how hard we try, people always make mistakes. So we made this part of our program and negotiated an exclusive deal with one of the largest real estate insurance companies in the nation.


As part of our settlement services, we have included a six-month errors and omissions policy for those selling properties that are still occupied. As a seller, you can receive up to $25,000, including legal fees, for any dispute.


Sellers are safe with us. And agents come out winning as they give this offer to their customers. New Venture Escrow leaves everyone smiling as we calculate some space for human error.

Stay Safe. Leave it to the Cloud

Technology has been taken over by the Cloud and instead of fighting it, we have gone above it. We have merged everyone’s folders and files onto the cloud, allowing you and anyone else on your team access to collaborate. This maximizes your intel without wasting any time. Even when you are on the go, you can efficiently work on your phone
Stay Safe. Leave it to the Cloud
Our New Venture Team prides themselves on keeping their word. Partnering with us will give you a team of reliable professionals who are actually there for you. Just like our team, we offer exclusive products that compliment your escrow process.

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