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New Products

At New Venture Escrow we strive to continuously develop new products and tools that enhance the escrow process for agents, buyers, and sellers. Our value proposition is to match cutting edge technology with superior customer service to deliver a fast and efficient closing process.

Below are some of our revolutionary tools that make us unique.

Errors & Omissions Policy for Sellers
New Venture Escrow has negotiated an exclusive deal with one of the largest real estate insurance companies in the nation to offer this product. Our settlement services now include a six month errors and omissions policy for the seller of owner occupied properties. The coverage is for any lawsuit that arises from the sale of a property in which we close escrow. Sellers can receive up to $25,000, including legal fees, for any dispute.

Customize your experience and request your escrow documents to be sent to you via email with the option of signing digitally. Digital signature availability is pending lender acceptance and agreement.

As a commitment to efficiency and the environment, we have a full paperless system. We believe that the days of file folders and endless amounts of paper are a thing of the past. We digitally store all documents and emails in a paperless file system. This allows for quick and easy access to any and all information in your file when you need it.

Security/Cloud Technology
All of our servers and files are stored in the cloud and are monitored and protected 24/7 by one of the largest data security providers in the nation. The cloud technology gives our staff access to work and communicate in a file anywhere they have access to the Internet. This ensures that we will be responsive and transparent regardless of hour and circumstance.

We don’t just say we have a better product and superior customer service. We add value by offering our mobile technology for free, including a protection policy that is not offered anywhere else, and empowering our staff with tools so they can deliver on a superior escrow experience for agents and consumers.