Errors &Omissions

Errors & Omissions

We take everyone into consideration. We realized that the seller is the only party in a real estate transaction that isn’t considered in the Errors and Omissions policy. New Venture went ahead and partnered with one of the nation’s largest insurance companies to generate a policy that does include the seller. We are the only company that offers a margin of 6 months where you can receive up to $25,000 with the inclusion of any legal fees or disputes.

When coupled with a Home Warranty, New Venture Escrow’s Seller’s Errors & Omissions Policy is the total package! We know that a real estate transaction is a life altering decision for those who are selling their home, and in the event of a lawsuit or a major disclosure violation, we want you protected!

Our E&O Policy can be extended for a fee of $195.00

Sellers are safe with us. And agents come out winning as they give this offer to their customers. New Venture Escrow leaves everyone smiling as we calculate some space for human error.

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