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Realtor Interview Series – San Diego Housing Predictions with Coastal Front Properties

We hope this on-going San Diego Housing Predictions Series sparks connections between realtors in our community and helps you provide your buyers and sellers with valuable San Diego housing market insights.

Coastal Front Properties, National City
Coastal Front Properties, National City

Question: What do you think the San Diego area housing market will look like in through the remainder of 2013?

Answer: Most indications seem to lean toward a cautiously favorable Real Estate market as we make it through 2013. Short Sale transactions are on the decline as traditional sales (non Short Sale transactions) are beginning to dominate the market. Inventory remains very low compared to the number of buyers qualified to purchase housing. My main concern is with the interest rates and home affordability. We recently saw a slight hike in rates and this may ill-effect buyers already looking to purchase and put an even higher premium on Listings. With prices already on the rise housing may once again become too expensive too rapidly.

Question: What are the latest real estate technologies or technology trends?

Answer: I see a transition toward utilizing iPads (tablets) and moving away from typical laptops and such. iPads help to simplify our lives as they can perform multiple functions and eliminate the need for bulky laptops, cameras and phones.

Question: Can you talk a little about the foreclosure inventories and/or how you’re helping people avoid foreclosure?

Answer: Foreclosure inventory is on the decline. However, competing with investors is not. Our focus is always to assist the consumer into finding better options. Even if this means we lose a commission check by educating and assisting a distressed homeowner with a Loan Modification or other options. We have a close relationship with Grande Homes Mortgage Inc. as we depend on their mortgage expertise to help keep our associates aware of homeowner assistance programs and other financing options that may help our homeowners either stay in their  homes or find more favorable conditions should they have no option but to sell.

Question: What are the incentives to working with and for Coastal Front Properties?

Coastal Front Properties, National CityAnswer:  Coastal Front Properties is an independently Owned & Local Full Service Real Estate Company. We also have a very successful Mortgage Partner in Grande Home Inc. This allows us to provide more value and assistance for the consumer. We are not a franchise and that should mean a great deal to our local communities. Being locally owned, not only do we only hire local professionals, we also utilize local businesses for our various needs such as marketing, business cards, signage and everything else. All the franchise companies have headquarters based out of state and often farm their services outside of the South Bay, San Diego and out of California altogether. We are proud to have a positive impact on our local economy and hope the consumer and general public realizes what a big difference this is. As far as Realtors who are looking for a good office, because we are not a franchise, we also do not cut into their hard earned income as we do not charge Franchise Fees or any other so-called ‘ancillary or tech’ fees. We do also offer a full training calendar, a Mentor & Referral Program! Since we are not under a corporate structure that must pay for exaggerated overhead, we do not have to simply hire just anyone. When an office grows too large, management cannot find the time to treat their associates like individuals and the training suffers as well. We have hired a great group of Realtors who understand and accept our Mission Statement and who all feel appreciated. These are all great incentives.

To participate in our Realtor Interview Series, email Shelby.

Casey LeBlanc
CEO | Investor | Entrepreneur
Casey LeBlanc is the CEO of New Venture Escrow. He is a serial entrepreneur that has led several small to medium-sized businesses that have experienced rapid growth and scale. He is also a business development addict that thrives off of innovation and promotes healthy leadership.

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