Specialty Escrow Services

Commercial Escrow

A commercial escrow is one that involves the transfer or encumbrance of real property other than residential, such as office buildings, retail locations, and industrial properties. 

At New Venture Escrow we understand that handling commercial escrows can be complicated transactions that require unique skills. That’s why we have qualified escrow officers to walk you through every step.

Bulk Sale Escrow

A bulk sale escrow, by definition, is an agreement to sell stock(s), corporate assets, or a company that may or may not include tangible and intangible assets. Using escrow for a bulk sale transaction ensures that the seller does not have the opportunity to redirect funds from the sale for other purposes before paying the taxes and/or debts owed on the business.

 This escrow is designed to protect the assets of both secured and unsecured creditors. This escrow type may also include the transfer of liquor, or other, licenses.

Personal Property

There are many different types of property that can be sold and all have different rules and regulations. 

An escrow can be transacted for the sale of personal property such as equipment, planes, boats, chattels, jewelry, art, and other expensive memorabilia.

Cannabis Escrow

Don’t let your closing go up in smoke! We offer a wide variety of domestic and international escrow services to the cannabis industry such as secure business escrows, secure product escrows, and secure property escrows. We understand the different facets of the industry and the sensitivity of cannabis-related transactions. 

Holding Escrow

Holding escrows does not involve the transfer or encumbrance of real estate (real property) or tangible business assets (bulk sale) like it would in traditional sale and refinance transactions. A holding escrow is usually a two-party agreement to hold funds pending the satisfaction of conditions in accordance with the agreed-upon set of terms. 

These types of transactions can involve holding funds related to stock transfers (that are bulk sale exempt), holdbacks from other sale transactions, specific performance contracts, tenant relocations, and a myriad of other possibilities. Our goal is to protect all parties involved in a potentially risky financial exchange.

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