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Here are some assets that we thought might be of value to you for your next listing appointment.  We Hope you find them valuable, and It was a pleasure speaking with you!  We look forward to connecting soon.

Escrow Process Inforgaphic

New Venture Escrow Escrow Process Flow Chart Tanis Gonzalez Dre Martino

Escrow Process Flowchart

4 Product Digital Asset

Here is a breakdown of 4 of our amazing tools that we can offer you!

FIRPTA Digital Asset

Here is some info on FIRPTA for you and your clients.

The Escrow Process

Here is a run-through of the escrow process from start to finish for you to share with your clients.

Vesting Descriptions

Here is a vesting chart for your clients.

CA Tax Impound Chart

Here is a complete tax impound chart for CA

New Venture Escrow Seller Protection Plan

Seller's Protection Plan

We offer a 6 month, $25,000 errors and omissions policy to your sellers in the event of a lawsuit or major disclosure violation.  When coupled with a home warranty, this is the total package!  This is available exclusively from New Venture Escrow.

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