Casey LeBlanc

Casey LeBlancPresident

Casey LeBlanc

I tore my ACL the last game in of my senior year in high school and watched several scholarship offers disappear in the blink of an eye. I thought I had my life figured out and was brutally awakened by the fact that anything could change at a moment’s notice.

At an early age, I learned that I needed to be prepared to pivot, plan for the future, and be ready for the exciting twists and turns life likes to take without warning. I do this in every aspect of my life, including in pioneering the creation of this service.

New Venture Escrow is the embodiment of my proactiveness in preparing for the pivot that I envision the future of escrow services will take. Instead of fearing change, I have decided to embrace advancement and have prepared New Venture for the exciting twist that technology will bring in an industry stuck in complacency and tradition.

I want to be at the forefront of catalyzing this change to provide a service that not only is faster, easier, and more efficient for clients, but that brings peace of mind and security when conducting their escrow transactions.

I believe that we are a product of decisions we make, and as growing and evolving humans, we need to be intentional with our actions and cognizant about how our actions affect others.

That is why I want New Venture to be the service that removes barriers and helps everyone involved understand what is happening in an escrow transaction in order to encourage a transparent, honest, and sincere business. My promise is to use my drive and tenacity to create a culture of innovation that helps clients reduce their risk and feel more secure in the most important transaction of their life.

Lastly, the legacy I want to leave at NVE is for employees to feel they live a more healthy and fulfilled life by being part of my team. I want to believe that I can not only influence our staffs’ personal financial wealth but more importantly, positively influence the development of character and leadership amongst them.

I want their development to reflect the values of integrity and innovation in NVE so that with every client and in every transaction, nobody is left in the dark or left behind – and that all parties can walk away feeling they made the best decision choosing New Venture Escrow.

-Casey J. LeBlanc

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