Danielle Burkett

Danielle BurkettAccount Executive

Danielle Burkett

Originally hailing from Orange County, I grew up immersed in the service industry. My father owned several restaurants in the area and taught me the tricks of the trade. Growing up, he instilled in me the value of good first impressions and great customer service. He taught me how to build trust and strong relationships that would encourage people to always come back.

I have been in the service industry since I was 16. I have held roles in both merchandise and marketing, which have allowed me to explore my passion for people. I moved to San Diego for a fresh start, which is when I was introduced to the world of real estate.

Today, I have been in escrow for 4 years now (going on 5). I absolutely love it and simply could not imagine building my career anywhere else. This industry is all about building high-quality relationships, and I pride myself on wholeheartedly investing in each and every one of them, always having my client’s best interest at heart.

What originally drew me to New Venture was their innovative approach to escrow. Finally, I felt like I found where I belonged, alongside a driven team who constantly strives for improvement.

My work philosophy is simple: I am a firm believer in being a team player and working with people that I can support and encourage. I don’t, however, believe in things being handed to you. You work for what you get, and at the end of the day, it makes you appreciate what you have. I believe my team embodies these values of hard work.

On a personal front, I am a mother and a wife. My family gives me the drive to succeed and they are most definitely my “WHY”. My daughter Kinsley will be 2 in June – she is by far my greatest accomplishment! Being a mom is the best role I’ve ever been given.

In my free time, I own and manage my own jewelry line for which I make custom bracelets. This is a form of creative expression for me, where I get to design freely and think outside of the box. I am drawn to innovative, creative ways of doing things and connecting with people.

I look forward to bringing my skills to the New Venture Escrow family and reaching new frontiers with the business.

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