Erica Gonzales

Erica GonzalesAccount Executive

Erica Gonzales

Life is all about connections. It’s said there are only six degrees of separation between you and anyone else—only six people between you and the answers you need. Well, I believe that’s simply too many degrees. I have worked tirelessly to build networks that bring people even closer together, to make it that much easier to get people where they want to be.

People hold the keys to resources – relationships are the treasure. Whether its finding the perfect new home or the best escrow service, I understand that it’s all about connecting you with just the right person. With extensive experience in business development, recruiting, marketing and sales, my expertise is connections.

It is my goal to bridge the gaps between individuals, to foster connections that will add more value to a person’s life – that will help people get what they have been looking for.

As a motivated marketing professional, I have a proven track record of consistently exceeding goals by building connections. I nurture strong business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships, embracing a “there-is-no-box” mentality to craft strategies and solutions that make everyone happy.

I never underestimate the value of the human touch, individual one-on-one interactions are built into my daily routine to solidify and grow relationships.

It’s always about people—helping people connect with the resources they need. This extends into my personal life, where I am a dynamic presence within my community as an advocate for growth and development. I am an avid volunteer blood donor for the San Diego Blood Bank and outreach volunteer for the Carlsbad Fill-A-Belly organization that provides meals for those who need them in the Carlsbad community. I stay physically active through yoga, running, and hiking and I stay mentally strong with daily readings of morning positive affirmations.

I work to better myself, so that I can help others more. I am excited to make more connections at New Venture Escrow and bridge the gap for clients looking to find an escrow service that they can trust.

-Erica Gonzales

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