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VentureTrac™, a New Mobile Real Estate Technology from New Venture Escrow is Now Available on the Apple App Store

VentureTrac™ - The Mobile App for Navigating Escrow - www.newventureescrow.comVentureTrac™ – The Mobile App for Navigating Escrow

New Venture Escrow, located in San Diego is proud to announce the release of a new mobile real estate technology. VentureTrac™, the mobile app for iOS tracks the progress of every escrow from any iPhone or iPad offering transparency to REALTORS®, buyers and sellers.

VentureTrac™ is the iOS Mobile App for REALTORS®, buyers and sellers that provides transparency in all your real estate transactions. The app tracks the progress of each escrow in real-time from your iPhone or iPad. Users are able to access important documents at the touch of a button such as commission instructions and Grant Deeds. Easily add major transaction millstones to your calendar and receive push notification reminders instantly. Users get one-tap access to each party in the transaction allowing easy communication with their Realty Group, lender, or escrow officer. Access VentureTrac™ and impress buyers or sellers with status updates in real-time. Save time by inviting buyers or sellers to download VentureTrac™ for total transaction transparency.

Casey LeBlanc, President of New Venture Escrow states, “The escrow and settlement industry has been behind the times when it comes to new development and technology. As an escrow company, New Venture Escrow believes we have the responsibility to deliver a better user experience while closing Real Estate transactions. With the launch of VentureTrac™, we have created a new technology that doesn’t exist in our current marketplace. VentureTrac™ allows for live status updates with easy to understand descriptions, important document access, up to date transaction contact information, and a customizable alert system for all deal milestones. This technology will deliver a better user experience for all parties in an escrowed transaction.”

Currently VentureTrac™, the real estate mobile app for navigating escrow is a free app. The app is currently available for iPhone and iPad devices.

For more detailed information about VentureTrac™, screenshots and to Download the App, visit New Venture Escrow at You can also find VentureTrac™ on the Apple App Store.

New Venture Escrow believes in building business together. Escrow service with New Venture Escrow is friendly, accessible, and responsive. Striving for transparency in every transaction, New Venture Escrow developed VentureTrac™, the iOS mobile app that lets you track the progress of every escrow and provides the fastest way to close.

Open escrow with New Venture Escrow today on any new purchase order and get instant access to the latest in real estate technology!

For more detailed information about VentureTrac™, screenshots and to Download the App, visit New Venture Escrow at You can also find VentureTrac™ on the Apple App Store.

Media Contact Information:
If you would like further information about VentureTrac™, New Venture Escrow, or you would like to schedule an interview, please Email Casey LeBlanc, President, New Venture Escrow.

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