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Why You Need VentureTrac

NEW FEATURE: Seller Net Sheet Function Now Available!  VentureTrac users are now able to calculate net proceeds estimates using the Seller Net Sheet function on VentureTrac  Version 5.0

Create Your Seller Net Proceeds Sheet Today!

We created VentureTrac to make the escrow process easier for you!

VentureTrac works for you because it allows you to monitor your escrow process in REAL-TIME, 24/7. This app offers users a transparency that allows you to fully trust New Venture Escrow and your agent. VentureTrac gathers everything you need when going through an escrow transaction and places it at your fingertips!

We aren’t trying to sell you anything! You can get VentureTrac for FREE below!

FAST: Time is a precious commodity! We value YOUR time and have created VentureTrac to save time for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business and your life.

TRANSPARENT: Staying up to current on your escrow with full knowledge of the process will reduce stress and emotional labor in a real estate transaction. The value of transparency for clients and consumers is priceless.

CONVENIENT: With VentureTrac, you have everything you need at your fingertips. We have made it that EASY for YOU! Anywhere you go, you can now take New Venture Escrow with you 24/7/365.

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Manage Your Tasks

  1. Track your escrow progress from any Android or Apple device in real time.
  2. Review your listings on your mobile or tablet.
  3. Use VentureTrac as an accessory when explaining the escrow process to buyers and sellers
  4. Keep track of important deadlines
VentureTrac app

Access Your Documents

  1. All your important documents located at the touch of a button
  2. Go over your commission instructions anytime
  3. Easy-access to your Grant Deed

Manage Your Contacts

  1. Easily view and get info for all contacts involved in your transaction
  2. Store contacts in one easy to access location
  3. Call and email direct from the app!
VentureTrac app


  1. GREAT discounts at select locations exclusively for YOU!
  2. Choose from the many options listed from restaurants to home improvement and use the promo code listed or simply tell them that you use VentureTrac from New Venture Escrow
  3. ENJOY a fast easy escrow and the VALUE you have received from this special offer!

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