Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Agents Win with New Venture Escrow


Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Agents Win with New Venture Escrow

Real Estate Agents: WANT MORE MONEY??

Every Real Estate Agent wants to make more money.  The challenges that may stifle an agent’s effort come in the form of mindset, time management, confidence, and prospecting success.  In order to win consistently, all aspects must be working like cogs in a well-oiled machine.  So HOW can Real Estate Agents MAKE SURE their business is working for them?  Partnering with New Venture Escrow for all of your Escrow needs will empower you to 10X your business!

Time is a valuable commodity for Real Estate Agents.  The more time you have, the more clients you can be of service to.  This is why it is important to manage your time as best as you can.  Using business development tools to increase productivity is a wise choice for the modern Real Estate Agent.  New Venture Escrow understands this and has developed unique technology to free up time.  That way, Real Estate Agents can spend more time on the activities that generate leads as opposed to dealing with Escrow.


Mindset can make or break a Real Estate Agent’s business from the get go.  Positive Mental Attitude is important!  It is much easier to stay positive when you are 100% certain your Escrow service is providing you with products and service that no one else has.  New Venture Escrow’s technology gives Real Estate Agents the assurance in knowing that their clients will be 100% satisfied.  They have 24-7 access to their Escrow transaction with our VentureTrac Mobile App and will no doubt refer YOU as an agent for providing them with knowledge and piece of mind.  When you partner with New Venture Escrow, you can easily allow a positive mindset to flourish because the ENTIRE escrow portion of your transaction is handled and perfected!


New Venture Escrow is 100% confident in your abilities as a Real Estate Agent.  We partner with agents to supply MORE confidence and to allow your clients to experience the service YOU provide for them.  We do this by enhancing the Escrow process for all parties AND by offering our 6 month exclusive Seller’s E&O Policy on behalf of YOU as the agent.


To sum everything up, New Venture Esrow has created technology and specific business development tools FOR AGENTS in order to streamline the Escrow process.  This allows more time for prospecting and other activities that generate income for agents.  We also guarantee that your clients will be happy and protected.  This means that they wont forget about the great job YOU did for them and they will surely refer you to their friends and family.

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