A Complete Final Walk Through Checklist

Congratulations, you are almost through with the home buying process! There’s just one more task to complete before officially closing the deal: the final walk through. While this step is last in the escrow process, it is most definitely not the least. You’ll want a final walk through checklist to help you remember all the important steps.

When closing on a house, the final walk through of your new home should be taken seriously, as it is your last chance to inspect the house before it becomes yours. You’ll want to double and triple check the exterior, doors and windows, basement fixtures, and everything in between. 

Make sure that any repairs or changes that had previously been discussed with the seller have been completed and the home is in the agreed-upon condition. Amidst all the paperwork, decisions, details, and formalities of buying a home, we’ve come up with a final walk through checklist to keep you organized during this process.  

Whether this is a completely new home walk through or just a new-to-you-home, you want to be prepared, so here are some steps you don’t want to miss.

final walk through checklist

What to Bring to Your Final Walk Through 

  • A notepad and pencil to write down any new questions that come up 
  • Camera or cell phone in case there is anything you need to document and share with any other members of the contract 
  • Phone chargers kill two birds with one stone; you can charge your device and test the electrical outlets!
  • The contract to have a reference of all the finalized details 
  • The inspection summary to have a reference of everything the seller agreed to repair or replace prior to turning the home over 
  • Your agent will help walk you through everything one last time 
  • Your home inspector (if applicable) if you required a home inspector to previously check for damages, test maintenance systems, etc., you may want to bring them with you to the final walk-through to make sure everything is in order

New Home Final Walk Through Checklist

During your final walk-through, here are the steps you want to be sure to follow so that you can ensure all the bases are covered as you close on the house

1.Examine the exterior and landscaping

Make sure the exterior of the house not only looks good but functions properly. Some items to look out for:

  • Chipped paint
  • Cracked concrete or pavement 
  • Leaking hoses
  • Clean and secure gutters 
  • Patches of dead grass 
  • Potential drainage issues 

2. Test the garage, windows, and doors

Does everything open and close properly? Any cracks, chips, or faulty locks? Be sure to test out all the exit points to ensure everything is functional and up to code.

3. Inspect interior rooms 

The majority of the walkthrough will be done through the rooms of the house. Double-check the paint on the walls, flooring, doors, and fixtures to make sure nothing looks broken or damaged. 

Some specific items to check: 

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, drawers, and countertops
  • Stains or signs of water damage 
  • Level floors, walls, and beams
  • Closet doors and shelves

4. Test any working systems–heating, A/C, electrical, and water 

Test EVERYTHING! Now is your chance to make sure the home functions properly and the systems are up to your standards. These are the inspections you don’t want to miss: 

  • HVAC: Turn the heat and air on and make sure it works throughout the house.
  • Electric: Test all of the light switches, ceiling fans, and outlets (this is where your phone charger will come in handy).
  • Water: Turn on all the fixtures and make sure both hot and cold taps work. Flush the toilets and test the showers or bathtubs for water coming in and going out. Check the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and even the outdoor hoses. 
  • Major appliances: You want to double-check that any major appliances left in the house also work. This could be the washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, sound systems, security systems, etc. 

5. Compare the contract and inspection summary 

Once again, double-check that anything listed on the inspection summary that was to be repaired by the seller was actually repaired and is operational. 

6. Don’t forget the attic, basement, room above the garage, or shed in the backyard 

While they are not usually the largest or most glamorous of spaces, the attic, basement, or any other secondary spaces are still important features of the house. Check for any cracks or leaks, proper insulation and ventilation, signs of moisture, and lighting or other electrical work.

7. Look out for signs of pests 

Rotting wood, tiny holes, or even droppings are signs of potential pests. 

Check New Venture Escrow Off Your List

Remember to take your time and test everything! This can be a stressful last step of buying a home, but a final walk through checklist will keep you organized and prepare you for any bumps in the road. And, New Venture Escrow is here to help with this process. Contact us today to get started!

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