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Seller’s E&O Policy from New Venture Escrow

Seller’s E&O Policy from New Venture Escrow


Real Estate Agents! As you know in most cases, every party in a real estate transaction is covered by an Errors & Omissions policy ACCEPT for the actual seller.

New Venture Escrow offers a 6-month exclusive E&O policy for sellers that covers them for up to $25,000 in the event of a lawsuit or a major disclosure violation.

At the close of Escrow, the certificate is sent to the seller on behalf of New Venture Escrow AND the Real Estate Agent, making for a happy, fully covered client.  This is a service we offer that NO ONE ELSE has!


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The sale of a home is the most important transaction of a lifetime.  Partner with New Venture Escrow and get covered!

What Makes New Venture Escrow The Best Choice in Escrow?


In addition to our Errors & Omissions policy, New Venture Escrow is the ONLY Escrow company that offers cutting edge business development technology for Real Estate Agents, buyers, and sellers.  Make sure to check out our VentureTrac mobile app and see how Real Estate Agents can join us at the forefront of technology!

Casey LeBlanc
CEO | Investor | Entrepreneur
Casey LeBlanc is the CEO of New Venture Escrow. He is a serial entrepreneur that has led several small to medium-sized businesses that have experienced rapid growth and scale. He is also a business development addict that thrives off of innovation and promotes healthy leadership.

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