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Casey LeBlanc

Yes, you read that right. It is a powerful message. Indulge me for a minute.

Now I normally do not like discussing football stories. I have a deep fear of being that guy endlessly repeating high school glory year stories. But this memory has made such an impact, I must use it as a basis for my point. Bare with me.

To Explain, Let’s Go Back to 1998

It’s 1998 and I am a new scholarship athlete for the football team at San Jose State. I am 18 years old and frankly, I thought I could walk on water. Summer workouts begin and I realize I am clearly “just another guy” in the eyes of my new coaches.

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I meet coach Pittman, the strength and conditioning coach, as soon as I arrive on campus.

He was a 6’4 hardass from the midwest that looked like he ate raw nails for breakfast and had the facial expression of someone that had never had a friend.

He was a 100% no bullshit and I liked that. Respect from him would have to be earned. Pittman would train us that summer 4-5 times per week but it was during the Friday workouts that I have my deepest memories.

I was in the weight room when I heard it for the first time, a loud bellow from across the room.

It was a grown man (Pittman) screaming at the top of his lungs “TODAY IS F*** YOU FRIDAY BOYS. Y’ALL BETTER BE READY!”

All of the veteran guys were jumping up and down. I was confused. No clue what was going on when I heard those words for the first time.

Our Very Own Football Fight Club

Casey LeBlanc

We run out to the practice field and the only thing I see was an 8×8 plastic tube in the shape of a circle. 50 guys. One ring. Pittman then explained the term “F*** YOU FRIDAY” as we all crowded around in anticipation.

F*** YOU FRIDAY was when Pittman would “pit” (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) two guys against each other in this ring because they:

  1. A) were competing against each other for a starting job
  2. B) just flat out didn’t like each other or
  3. C) (best for last) Pittman didn’t like them

The only rule (and it was loosely enforced) was that you could not close fist punch the other man (in the face). Basically, it was the UFC before the UFC existed.

I remember being excited and a little nervous. Who would I go against? Why would I be paired with that opponent? And then I remember thinking “if I embarrass myself, it’s going to be a long 4 years here…”

So what does F*** YOU FRIDAY mean to me nowadays?

My F*** You Friday Playbook:

That experience was impactful to me. Not because of the fight in the ring, but rather for what it stood for. I swear I wake up every Friday and think… LET’S F***ING GO!

1. Wake Up and Grind Mentality

How common is it to walk into an office on a Friday and ask a co-worker…”good morning, how are you? Immediately, as if they cannot wait for the words to leave their mouth that co-worker will blurt out THANK GOD IT”S FRIDAY.” I laugh at the exchange every time.

I am the opposite. I cannot wait to get up early on Fridays. I text my group of friends every Friday… “It’s F*** YOU FRIDAY. GET UP AND WORK!” I have a standing appointment at 7 am every Friday morning. Dressed and ready. 7 am every Friday.

Friday represents 20% of the common workweek and yet is dismissed by most. For this reason, we can agree, Friday’s offers all of us the opportunity for productivity and mentality improvement.

2. Separation Day

Friday is separation day. It distinguishes the men from the boys and the women from the girls. Ever hear “the way a person does one thing is the way they do everything?” You can tell a lot about someone’s character and passion by their willingness to tap out as soon as they experience adversity. One of my favorite quotes of all time is Mike Tyson when he so accurately states, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

Friday is the day to pull away. Separate yourself from common TGIF thinking and make it about winning the day and finishing the week. Cream rises to the top (on Friday’s).

3. Be Bold

F*** YOU FRIDAY means it should be the day you do the thing that is uncomfortable.

When I either volunteered or was forced into that ring, it was about facing that fear and fighting whatever stood in front of me. You find out in that moment who you are. “Fortune favors the bold.” -Anonymous

Friday is the day to have that uncomfortable conversation, make that difficult call, and do the unexpected. Why did coach Pittman make us fight on Friday’s? Because he knew we were all focused on other things. After one experience of F*** You Friday, our group never viewed this as an extension of the weekend again. We stayed ready.

The best part? Most people will not be ready for it. Get up early, dress to impress, and attack the day. It’s an added bonus that Fridays are better for dealing with issues because people are relatively happier on this day and will carry a very lax attitude because they stay focused on the weekend! Hit them with the unexpected and handle your business on Fridays!

4. Win the Day. Win the Week. FINISH!

F*** you Friday (to me) means there is ALWAYS a winner and a loser.

You compete with yourself no matter who is in front of you, but make no mistake…you don’t leave the ring in a tie.

You fight to the finish and you either win or lose. Win every Friday!

5. Your Mindset Matters

F*** you Friday is not about not being scared. Quite the opposite.

It’s about jumping in the ring without anyone asking or telling, and it’s welcoming any challenger that is brave enough to face your crazy ass. “TGIF” is a mindset. Well so is F*** You Friday. I live for opportunities to separate from everyone else and every Friday is just that opportunity.

Why F*** You Friday is the New TGIF

CEO Motivation

I promise you I won and lost in that ring.

I do not remember the exact numbers of wins/losses and it doesn’t really matter. I left blood, sweat, and maybe a few tears in the ring every time and that’s what everyone should look to leave behind as they finish their work week.

Dramatic? Yeah, maybe. But c’mon, let’s be honest, YOU ARE NOT working hard enough and competing at the highest level on Friday.

So wake up on Fridays and text your friends it’s F*** YOU FRIDAY so LET’S GET AFTER IT!!!

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