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Our innovative technologyVentureTrac App
Setting Up and Using New Venture Escrow’s Proprietary Mobile Technology

Step 1: Select New Venture Escrow as your choice for escrow services in the negotiation of terms for the sale of your property.

Step 2: Once a fully executed contract is received, the New Venture staff will set up all parties in the escrow with the proper designation. Example: Buyer, Seller, Listing agent, Selling agent, and transaction coordinator will all have viewing right appropriate to their designation. We can only set up parties to which we have a valid email.

Step 3: Each valid party to the escrow will be emailed from “myapp@newventureescrow.com” with login information. Check your spam if you do not receive this email within 24 hours of opening your escrow.

*If you have an escrow in process and have not received login information we most likely did not have a valid email address. Please email open@newventureescrow.com with your name and property address and our customer service representatives will immediately resolve the problem.

Step 4: The mobile technology can be downloaded for free on iTunes or Google Play. Just search the app stores for “VentureTrac” and the free app is easily downloadable. The technology can also be fully accessed through our website homepage using the top right “VentureTrac Login” button.

Step 5: Once you have access to the mobile or web app, you will see a property list with all of the active and closed properties with New Venture Escrow. If you are a buyer or seller, the app will direct you straight to your property main page. You can scroll back to the main page using the arrow button on the top left. This will navigate you to whichever page you were previously on.


This feature shows the major milestones in a typical escrow. You can also click on any of the tasks for a detailed description of the task and a specific date as to when the task was completed.

The second major button on the main page is titled “Documents.” We consider this your mobile file cabinet. By clicking on this button you will arrive at your mobile storage facility for all important documentation within your escrow.

You can click on each document and it will pull up in a mobile friendly PDF format. Once you are viewing the document you can click in the top right hand corner on “email” and the document will directly attach to a new email. All documents can be accessed, viewed, and redistributed directly from this functionality.

Under Services, you are able to go to a “reminders” button that will link you to a change of address website. This is useful to both buyers and sellers that will be moving and need to change their place of occupancy with the USPS.

Another function in Services is for sellers and Selling agents. New Venture Escrow offers sellers an Errors and Omissions policy good for six months exclusively through VentureTrac. The policy must be redeemed through VentureTrac prior to the close of escrow through this page.

Clicking on this button will take you to a list of all the major parties within the transaction. You will be able to call and email directly from this button so all contacts and contact information is at the click of a button.

venturetrac showcase
Our innovative technologyVentureTrac App

And more…
On the main page, in the top right hand corner is a small feature in the shape of a clock. This button is for setting up reminders for any appointments or contingency times and dates that you would like prompts to. The reminder function is specific to that phone and all input milestones will alert similar to that of a text message.

The access to VentureTrac is not limited. The documents and access can be viewed indefinitely. This allows you to access, view, and send any and all documents in a transaction after the close. You will also have reminders of the contacts that you used within the transaction should anything come up where future correspondence is necessary.

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