8 Clean Eating Hacks that Busy Realtors Must Add to Their 2019 New Years Resolutions

8 Clean Eating Hacks that Busy Realtors Must Add to Their 2019 New Years Resolutions
How busy are realtors? INSANELY busy! It’s really hard to maintain a wellness lifestyle in the real estate world unless you’re a time management ninja.
I’m sure you all already know about the correlation between healthy grocery store proximity and property value, but what about the correlation between a healthy lifestyle and a valuable realtor?
Consistently eating better will increase your energy (and mood) to help you run a more efficient business and have better client relationships. For those of you who think it’s too hard to do, in this article, we will show you just how easy it can be to eat better by teaching you some clean eating tips, tricks, and new tech and gadgets you can incorporate into your routine!
I challenge you to try out these hacks out for 21 days straight (the time it takes to form a new habit). You can start to incorporate wellness into your schedule as if it were an important client meeting.

8 Wellness & Healthy Eating Hacks for Insanely Busy Realtors (with bonus tools to help!)

Incorporate healthy eating habits into your real estate lifestyle by using these 8 clean eating hacks.

1. Meal prep on Sundays religiously to avoid eating out!

Meal prepping on Sundays will help you improve your diet dramatically. There is a clear correlation between American obesity and the sheer number of fast-food establishments that exist.
You don’t know what is in your food when you eat out, and there is no better way of getting rid of the ambiguity than preparing it yourself (not to mention your potential ROI gains).
That being said, meal prep is a careful science that includes preparation, inspiration, and regulation.

  • Prepare: Make sure your kitchen is fully stocked with the appropriate gear: time to get a grown-up Christmas/Hanukkah list and ask for those appliances that have been holding you back from becoming the Masterchef of your dreams (blenders, processors, rice cookers, etc.). Having a kitchen that is prepared to handle the prepping of 6-7 meals at a time will push you to meal prep.
  • Inspire: Have a routine of collecting recipes that you want to cook come Sunday! You can follow Instagram stars like @mealprepmondays or FitMenCook’sawesome youtube channel to let your inner foodie out!
  • Regulate: Put a reminder on your phone every Sunday morning to get your butt up and go shopping. Discipline is key!

The first couple times can be overwhelming, but have faith in the process! Seek meal prep guidance and you’ll quickly create a rhythm that works for you.

2. SnackStuffing: Stuff healthy snacks into every corner of your life.

I mean EVERYWHERE. Take those Kind Bars, RXBARS or unsalted almonds and put them in every pocket of every coat, your glove compartment, gym bag, your desk, sprinkle a few in your purse.
Eating healthy snacks intermittently throughout the day does these three things:

  • Keeps your metabolism up
  • Restrains you from getting “hangry” and making bad/rash decisions
  • Curves your urges to eat out

Don’t let yourself get hangry: start snack stuffing today!

3. Get online deliveries of the products you need with just a click.

That’s right- it’s 2019 and Amazon has removed the need for us to go to the grocery store altogether.
And we have to get with it.
Insanely intuitive apps like SideChef provide kitchen assistance by allowing you to:

  • 1) pick your desired recipes
  • 2) pick the ingredients from the recipe that you are missing at home
  • 3) order them directly from your phone with their AmazonFresh partnership

There are so many start-ups interested in our clean eating –let’s make sure to make the most of them in 2019!

4. Keep a stockpile of spices in your pantry to eliminate excuses to miss meal prep.

We’ve all been there… we are so set on cooking, we have even pulled up an elaborate Pinterest recipe. But in the middle of our cooking inspiration, we realize we are missing one important spice.  So naturally, we emotionally *flip the table* and end up calling UberEats.
But enough is enough my friends! Create a stockpile of all the common spices in your pantry and never miss another meal prep!
Here is a herb and spice essential grocery list with explanations of how to use all the common spices, and for those Asian food fiends, a list of 10 Asian sauces to have in your pantry.
Additionally, feel free to spice things up and label your herbs with dad-puns. Cooking can be fun! Anything that will bring laughs to the kitchen is invited.

5. Sign up for a farmers market delivery to help support local communities.

Want to take the decision process out of individually choosing your groceries with SideChef or Amazon Fresh?
Lucky for you, farmer’s markets are becoming increasingly techy, and you can sign up for a shipment of locally grown food every week from a CSA in your neighborhood!
Not only will you take the stress out of worrying about what groceries to buy, but you will support local farmers and eat what’s in season!
If you’re in San Diego, try out Daily Harvest– they even make corporate deliveries!

6. Drink water always, even if you have to trick yourself into it.

Staying hydrated has innumerable benefits of which I don’t need to convince you. What I can do, however, is help you with some tricks to constantly remind yourself to drink water:

  • Water Bottle with Hydration Trackers: Gallon water bottles like the one below give you little drinking goals that lead to big victories. These guys are exceptional motivators that will get you excited about drinking water.QuiFit 1 Gallon Water Bottle
  • Plant Nanny App: As implied, this adorable app that has conquered the hearts of millions, makes you babysit a series of baby plants that die if you neglect to water them. Not pulling on your heartstrings yet? Try it out for yourselves! This is exactly the kind of emotional manipulation we need, rewarding us with smiling baby plants when we remember to drink a glass of water!
  • Spice Up Your Water: Infuse your water with fresh herbs, or get a SodaStream to make fizzy water at home.

There are so many ways to indulge in this life-giving elixir! Find the one that is right for you.

7. No eating after 8 P.M.- Set your alarms!

We’ve all heard the rumors that eating after 8 P.M. will make you gain weight. However, this can be a tad misleading.
The weight gain usually attributed to late night eating is most likely correlated to the fact that you won’t eat breakfast the following day, because you need breakfast to help jumpstart your metabolism.
Getting into regular eating habits, like only eating fibrous fruits and grains in the A.M. to keep you fueled or only eating home-cooked meals before 8 at night will get your body into a healthy flow that will spill over into your work life.
Set your alarms at 6:30 & 7 in the evening to remind you to eat something before it gets too late!

8. Cut up veggies beforehand to save you time in the kitchen.

We all know the longest and most tedious part of cooking with fresh veggies is the preparation. It can literally take hours, especially if you’re cooking alone.
So here is how you handle this dilemma:

  1. Pop on your favorite music, podcast or audiobook.
  2. Grab all the essential veggies for the week: onions, garlic, zucchini, pumpkin, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, etc…
  3. Put them in Tupperware and store them for the week.

Any steps you can take to incentivize yourself to cook at home are worth the investment!

Superstar realtors make nutrition a priority… and have fun while doing it!

Try these hacks over the next 21 days and let us know how you do!
Share this with a realtor friend to embrace clean eating in 2019 and watch your personal and professional lives take off!


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