NVE Technologies That Simplify the Escrow Process

Here at New Venture Escrow, we are dedicated to making the real estate process as easy as possible for you!

Part of that means coming up with new technologies with all the tools necessary to navigate a real estate transaction right at your fingertips.

new escrow technologies

VentureTrac 4.0


It is basically a way to have all your documents and information about your escrow on an app, ready to use whenever you need to. All documents will be stored directly on the app, where they can easily be sent and altered!

Also, the app has sections that conveniently list out contacts and all their information. This includes escrow agents, realtors, etc. You can even get in touch with them directly from VentureTrac!


You might be wondering what benefits VentureTrac 4.0 would bring compared to completing the entire escrow process in person. The truth is, all buyers, sellers, and realtors would be much more efficient if they used it!

Some of the main perks of using NVE’s app are:

  • Protection from wire fraud: technologies within the app will ensure that all transactions are safe and deposited directly into your bank account.
  • Live alerts: you will get updates whenever certain tasks are completed or documents are signed.
  • Messaging system: contact realtors or escrow officers anywhere, anytime, with the messaging system integrated directly into the app (meaning you won’t have to spend months emailing back and forth exchanging confidential information.)
    • It also includes encryptions on a variety of different accounts like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft!
  • Accessibility: allows multiple members to look at documents and track progress in the process.

Overall, you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders as soon as you download the VentureTrac app!

escrow technology

Task Tracking

If you are buying or selling your home, it might seem hard to organize all the things that you need to get done before you close on your sale. Luckily, VentureTrac will provide you with task tabs where you can effectively list everything you need to get done and check things off as you complete them!

Some of the most common tasks to input into the app are:

  • Opening escrow
  • Making initial deposit
  • Receiving title report
  • Ordering payoffs
  • Signing disclosures

The opportunities here are endless! You’re free to choose from whatever activities will work best for you in your own process.

Being able to cross things off also means that you’ll see how close you are from finishing by seeing your percentage go up day by day. It’s also viewable to other people that may be linked to the same tasks, so you won’t be repeating something that someone else is already doing!

You can also get reminders on all of these. You have the option of receiving push notifications directly to your phone from the app or syncing it to your calendar. With tech advances like these, you won’t forget anything!


If you are doing business with New Venture Escrow, the app will be completely free for download and use!

At NVE, our escrow agents specialize in using all the newest technologies to make sure that you can get through the buying or selling process as seamlessly as possible. They can also help guide you through all the tips and tricks of VentureTrac and how you can become an escrow pro.

Simplifying the Escrow Process

In short, the big goal of VentureTrac 4.0 is to make the escrow process as easy as possible for you. With experts guiding you through the steps of the process and you being able to track all of these on the app, then you will be done as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

The most common steps that you’ll have to follow will be:

  1. Opening your escrow account
  2. Depositing your initial funds
  3. Approving any disclosures made by the seller
  4. Completing necessary home inspections
  5. Buying insurance that you might need
  6. Getting your final appraisal
  7. Closing your escrow

When you’re finally done with the close of your escrow, your tasks on the app should be at 100%!

Closing Tips

Closing your escrow account might seem like the most intimidating part of the process, but it’s really not!

What you have to remember is that when you get to this step, it is basically just about distributing any funds or fees to the owner and finally getting the title to the house you will.

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