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My Energy Is My Currency NVE

I treat the title of this very seriously. It’s the gospel in my bible of life.

My energy directly affects everything around me. It affects my relationships, my income, my mindset, my happiness. As a CEO and entrepreneur, my energy fuels my reach and creativity daily.

With so much riding on one thing, you can bet I pay very close attention to it.

Do you want to make more money? Have better relationships? Do more? Feel more satisfied? All of this happens when our health and positive energy are maximized!

3 Hacks To Max This Energy

I hear people all the time discuss how tired they are, or how work or money stresses them out, and how quickly the people around them bask in these idle conversations.

Misery loves company!

We all get tired, endure stress, and work a lot. I get all of that and do not pretend to be any different. The goal here is to minimize these lax levels of energy while enjoying a life full of zest and moxie that influences everyone around you.

I promise you I will not sit here and type some bullshit about energy crystals, the moon positioning, or my birthday sign. I do not claim to know or study those (as others do) and have no idea how or if those effect energy, so will leave that for others to educate us on.

My studies are based purely on years of self-reflection and diagnostics, athletic doctors and training, and life experiences that have helped shape the basis for this conversation.

The energy I describe below is the amount of positive energy I genuinely have and exude in all that I do, and when your energy is currency, you have to work at it and own it.

Hack #1: Get Regular Physicals and Include Blood Work

The first step is to get a physical done every year. Start here and demand that your doctor prescribe a full panel of blood work that checks all of your hormone levels. This can sometimes cost out of pocket money, spend it.

As with anything, you need to start with an honest analysis of what your body is telling you about your true energy levels. I recommend spending time with your doctor discussing the results and possibly visiting an endocrinologist for further review if needed.

Most doctors will give you results and compare them to “normal” findings. I, however, do not believe in blindly following doctors without first pushing them to discuss “optimal” levels. This should take into account your age, your weight, your sex, lifestyle, and the current state of how you feel.

I tell my doctor each time we review my results that I am not interested in “normal” and want to test in the optimal range. He usually politely nods, and we get a laugh about it. But at least I let him know where my head is at and that I am determined to keep my energy levels high.

The more you test (usually annually is good but as with anything check with your primary physician), the more data you will have and the more useful the data will be to your everyday life. Regular testing will create a basis for comparison. There is an array of info that can come from these tests, but the hormone levels will give you a clear idea how medically “energetic” you currently are and will assist in recommending any doctor prescribed ideas to get you to the optimal levels we all desire.

Start literally accounting for your own energy. Someone has to be accountable for it, and no one knows you better than YOU.

Hack #2: Use Self-Awareness to Run Energy Audits

Ok, so now that you have some medical information and basic diagnosis it is important to be self-aware.

But how are you feeling on the day to day?

A real impactful exercise is to audit everything that can directly impact your daily energy. In simple terms, I run internal audits that focus on these four areas:

  • Your Level of Activity
  • Your Sleep
  • Your Diet
  • Your Mood

These four areas have HUGE impacts on your enthusiasm, caliber of thoughts, and overall quality of life. While auditing, you should include trying new things, new meals, adding more AND less sleep consistently, etc., to see how a change in one of these areas can drastically impact your overall energy. Let’s get into each one of these.

Pay Attention to Your Level of Activity

Tony Robbins is great at describing bio-hacking and the different ways of creating energy within the body and mind in his book Unshakeable. Also, his article about bio-hacking tips and tricks for beginners cover a range of solutions from red light therapy to intermittent fasting.

I, however, do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all fix. I believe that the individual is directly responsible for their own energy levels and it starts with being self-aware on what works for YOU.

For example, your level of activity. Do you feel better working out in the morning or afternoon?

Do you feel like getting the blood flowing in the morning helps you be more productive, or that quiet meditation gets you in the zone?

Take inventory, try different times, and always check in with yourself on the self-determined results.

Track Your Sleeping Time

How about sleep?

I read and listen to Tim Ferris a lot. The premise for a lot of his research is in getting maximum results with the least amount of effort. For me, I want this with sleep. I want to sleep the least amount of time to give me the most results.

Although extreme, I track my sleep. At night, I wear a heart monitor around my chest and get a sleep score in the morning. The device measures the quality of sleep and the amount of REM I get whenever I wear it. Sexy right?

Then, I will take note of how I feel throughout the day, the quality of my thoughts, and the overall level of my energy.

Inventory Your Food & Water Intake

I am also constantly evaluating the food I eat, times when I eat, and my hydration levels. How do certain meals make me feel? I lean towards food that is alkaline and live (or water-rich), and I set water-intake goals daily.

I believe if you follow the food and hydration tips below, you’ll see an instant improvement in your energy.

8 gifts for more energy 4 poisons to avoid casey leblanc new venture escrow blog

10-Day Pure Energy Challenge, Tony Robbins

how to get more h20 casey leblanc

Super-Hydrate Your Life, Tony Robbins

Key takeaway? I am busy, have shit to do, and want to attack each day with a full steam of energy. Sometimes those do not all come together just because I want it. Being self-aware and taking inventory is how I get there.

Hack #3: Lose the Losers

The space that is occupied in your mind will also help determine your energy. It is imperative that you cleanse the people that occupy any negative space up there.

When you give attention to anything in your life, you are giving it a key to access your resources, time, and energy. Take an inventory of how many people or things currently have a key to your energy and immediately cut out all the dead weight.

Friends, acquaintances, significant others, and even family. Cut them all if they do not add value and drive healthy energy levels.

I have zero tolerance for people with bad energy. A close friend and I often joke, “You get what you tolerate.” So very true! You have to move the needle in a positive direction otherwise I have little time for you and will not be around it for any significant length of time.

If you realize the importance of what can happen when you operate at a high energy level, you will then understand that the cleanse is necessary. It may be painful at first, but all good things in life require sacrifice.

Losers, or anyone without a positive spirit and energy, will just cause you headaches and stress. Having learned that stress is scientifically proven to contribute to hypertension, ulcers, and high blood pressure (just to name a few), I have gladly made my peace with all the losers in my life. Seriously, who has time to entertain that bullsh**?

My energy is my currency, which means that if I have an abundance of it, I can use it as a competitive advantage for everything I do in life.

When Energy is Your Currency

We are all creatures of energy. We exude a certain aura around us in every interaction we have. When our energy is high, we are wealthy (energetically speaking), and most people want more of it.

There is not a one-size-fits-all strategy for energy. Frankly, anyone who claims that is lying and is probably trying to sell you something.

The main idea here is that this world needs more energy, especially more positive energy.

When you feel good, you perform well and are just all around a better human for the rest of us to deal with.

Next time you think of energy, audit yours and pay attention to it. Hack with new ideas to improve it, test and evaluate them consistently. You will see an immediate change in your overall quality of relationships, amount of activity accomplished, soaring income, and level of overall satisfaction in your life.

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