4 Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Online Presence


Online marketing is now dominating the world of real estate, which is hardly shocking considering the digital economy of attention that currently rules our marketplace. Far gone are the days when real estate agents would plaster their faces on sidewalk benches to gain leads, inevitably ending up with a swanky mustache drawn on by a passer-by. Today, real-estate marketing strategy is all about value-driven online presence.


In one visit to your real estate website, prospective clients can already get a taste for your professionalism, modernity, attention-to-detail, creativity, and expertise. We know- that’s a lot!


Below, we dive into 4 ways you can improve your digital marketing strategy as a real estate agent, with ideas focused on genuinely adding value to your industry, helping you create better client relationships and subsequently make more closings!

Online Real Estate Marketing Ideas and Strategies

In a recent study by Nar Realtor about Real Estate in the Digital Age, 44% of people stated their first step in home buying was to look online for properties for sale. This number is expected to grow, making it all the more important to shift your attention to building a strong online presence for your real estate business. Learn exactly how you can do this with these useful tips below!

  1. Create A Killer Real Estate Website

Make sure your “digital” business is up to date for search engines and users. When creating your strategic website, whether through a developer or on your own, keep the following tips in mind to maximize your ROI for your marketing efforts.

  • Keep SEO in Mind: Use the Right Keywords

Make sure your website is successful by ranking for the specific keywords in your niche. You can do this organically by using search tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush, or hire out to an SEO expert to do keyword research for your specific market! A good place to start while creating a keyword strategy for your business is specifying the area in which you’re selling in (i.e. Real Estate in San Diego).

  • Have an Effective UX (User Experience)

The future of digital marketing won’t be about whose service is 10 times better, but whose service is 10 times easier to use. A website with a good user experience understands what the user is looking for, and thus takes the reader on a logical journey through the service, eliminating all stressful ambiguities. You can create an effective user experience by doing the following:


  • Create a short “Get to Know Us/Me” video to put on the landing page
  • Create a logical flow of what you offer through your pages
  • Be transparent about prices on your website
  • Add relevant and appealing images and videos


  • Add Relevant and Appealing Images and Videos

Web crawlers love images and clients love aesthetic websites so make sure you are adding visually appealing content to your website. However, be careful not to add too many unnecessary photos or videos. Apart from being distracting, they can slow down the load time of your page and quickly lead clients off of if images are too big or take up too much space.

*Bonus Image SEO Tip*

When adding photos to your site, make sure to save the image with a keyword rich text and then edit the alt text of the media in your content management system. Google puts a high value on photos with descriptive alt texts because it helps bots determine the context of the image. For example, saving an image as “House for Sale in San Diego” as opposed to “1830_829.jpg” may help you rank higher on google!


Learn more about design and how to create an awesome real estate website here!

2. Add Value Through Real Estate Content

Let’s be real- content is king, and if you’re not making valuable content these days, you’re falling behind! Educating your visitors through content is a long-term investment that always pays off. It builds credibility for your brand, ultimately converting more clients. Here are some tips to create valuable content:

  • Maintain a Real Estate Blog in your Niche

Realtors everywhere are understanding the value of creating consistent content that educates potential clients. For most prospective home buyers, buying a home for the first time can be scary so they will probably be looking for answers to their questions on Google. If you can answer some of these questions through blog posts, even on topics as basic as “First Things to Consider When Buying a Home”, potential clients will already see you as a reliable source and feel comfortable with your service because of the value you provide.


Having more extensive content like white papers or e-books on real estate topics is a great way to establish thought leadership. You can also require visitors to input their emails for access to the content, which is a great way to generate leads.

  • Create Engaging Visual Content

People prefer to watch videos and read infographics than filter through blog posts. You can easily hire a freelancer or agency to turn one piece of written web copy (a blog piece, for example) into an infographic or a Youtube video to drive more traffic to your site.

3. Optimize Real Estate Services for Mobile Use

Millennials, the next largest group of home buyers, are coming in hot and they’re taking their phones with them! In 2016, 58% of millennials found their home on a mobile device. Here are ways to optimize your service for mobile use!

  • Create Mobile Responsive Website

You may have a killer website, but all of the time and effort put in will be lost if it is not optimized for mobile phone use.

  • Make Sure Your Service Embraces Mobile Technology

As people do more with their phones, realtors are now tasked with the job of taking all aspects of the home buying process and putting it on a mobile device. Mobile users are using apps like Redfin and Homes.com to peruse local listings, so make sure you have a good rapport with these platforms and that your content is integrated into those search engines.


Additionally, buyers will be searching for agents that utilize tools like virtual open houses and mobile escrow apps. Offering these services will set you apart from the competition and make your real estate business boom.


We, for instance, integrate the VentureTrac App as part of our service to make the escrow process in a real-estate transaction more seamless and transparent. With mobile escrow, our clients can review their transactions, create seller net sheets instantly, and view and sign documents directly from their phones, allowing for more convenience and ease when closing a home. Learn how you can incorporate real estate mobile tech in your business with us!

4. Use Real Estate Social Media Strategies

Social networking is much more than just “who you know” these days. Staying socially relevant on several platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, can be tricky. Just remember, it’s business AND pleasure, so be yourself! Show your personality and brand yourself as a realtor using these tricks.

  • Participate in Organic Facebook Marketing

Make a Facebook page for your company and keep it updated with nice photography and happy photos of families that have either sold or bought homes with you. Personal touches give clients a more visceral experience and a chance to see that you genuinely care about your clients.


Also, enable Reviews & Services on your Facebook page so your customers can leave great comments and recommend their friends to your services!


Finally, you can either sponsor a Facebook group, for example, San Diego Real Estate (followed by your name) or participate in one. These groups are a great place to network with potential clients or business partners, as well as share industry info.


Here is an example of several Facebook groups Mid-America Association sponsors.

  • Post Your Content on LinkedIn to Gain Exposure in Your Field


LinkedIn is gaining popularity as a search engine for business-related news. Make sure to keep your personal page and company page constantly updated on LinkedIn. Whenever you post a new piece of content to your website (blog post, white paper, etc.), make sure to post it to your LinkedIn company page as well.


Realtors you’re connected to might share, or better yet, link to your article if they find the information useful. When other people link to your article, it shows Google that you are an authority on this subject, which increases your rankings organically over time. Never underestimate good links!


Learn more on how to win clients on social media here!

Key Takeaway for Realtors Looking to Boost Online Presence

In this article, we covered the aforementioned strategies to organically boost your online presence:


  • Create a killer website with search engine optimized pages, a better user experience, and tons of visuals.
  • Add value through value-driven content about real estate (blog posts, white papers, videos, infographics)
  • Keep up with real estate marketing trends by incorporating mobile responsive websites, virtual open houses or mobile escrow apps.
  • Follow real estate social media strategies by participating in Facebook groups and updating LinkedIn.


It may take a little tech elbow grease and time, but following these real estate marketing strategies will boost your online presence and generate more leads for your business over time. Check out other resources on our website and see how we can help you create a better real estate experience for your clients!


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