Top 10 Home Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

According to statistics, staged homes usually sell faster and for more money than their non-staged counterparts. When you stage your home, you are more likely to sell your house at the price it’s actually worth or for even more

So, how can you stage your home to get the most value?

In this article, unlock 10 of the most epic staging tips for selling your home! First, let’s talk about the benefits of staging your home. 

Benefits of Staging Your Home

Home staging always has a benefit. In a way, it is a strategic marketing tactic that draws in potential buyers to the aesthetic presentation of the home. This inevitably speeds up the selling process. 

Furthermore, home staging is about doing everything possible to make a home look its best. This method also makes your home more appealing to a larger audience of potential home buyers.   

Staging prep will pay off when you follow these 10 staging tips for selling your home. The results make it easier for buyers to visualize a property as their future home. And the best part is, you can have a little fun with it as well! 

top 10 staging tips for selling your home

1. Create Curb Appeal 

Tap into your creativity! The outside needs to look just as good as the inside. A home exterior is noticeable when it fulfills basic design principles. Insert color, contrast, balance, and symmetry to achieve an eye-catching effect. 

Next, clean the property thoroughly by pressure washing your:

  • Sidewalk
  • Driveway
  • External walls

Follow that up with a new coat of paint on the front door in a fresh neutral or a bold hue. Put down new mulch and fill all of your flower beds with shrubs and seasonal flowers to beautify the space. Use the landscaping to tie everything together and present your home as well-manicured.

Bonus: Add chairs that demonstrate the capacity for outdoor seating on the porch! Why? Buyers will always be interested in seeing another way they can enjoy the property. 

2. Capture Interest with the Entryway 

Curb appeal doesn’t stop when potential buyers walk into the door. After all, the first impression continues when they step into the entryway.

With that being said, insert welcoming touches in the hall to capture interest. 

This space can act as a transition into the rest of the house. Add a coat rack and small organizational touches that help buyers see the functionality of this area. Strategically position flowers and a candle on a mid-sized rectangular table that leads people into the rest of the house! 

3. Remove Extra Furniture, Please!

When following these home staging tips, think of minimalism when it comes to the amount of furniture you have. Why? Because extra furniture makes the home appear smaller and more cluttered than it truly is.

The bigger your house looks, the more it will sell for. 

For starters, play around with furniture placement to get it right and test out a few different setups. Furniture placement is a convenient way to build a cozy space and highlight the best features of the home. The goal is to make rooms feel spacious and make it easy for buyers to move around. 

If your own furniture isn’t in good condition, look for companies that will allow you to temporarily rent furniture. 

4. Define Each Room of The Home

The best way to etch your home into buyers’ memories is by maximizing the square footage of your home! 

Every part of the home needs to have a purpose. Have a spare room that acts as overflow storage? Not anymore! That room can become a guest bedroom. 

Buyers need to be able to observe what is, not what could be. 

5. Set Up A Home Office 

Next, a trending home staging tip is to offer office space in the home. It’s a smart way to show you are in tune with today’s remote work norms and plant the seed in the buyers’ heads that they need this function for their new home. 

If you are fortunate to have an extra room, go ahead and convert it to the ultimate WFH office. If you are limited on space, find a special spot in one of your larger rooms. Design a home office by adding in a simple desk, luxe office chair, and bulletin board. 

6. Completely Clear the Kitchen Counters 

The first home staging tip necessary for the kitchen is to put away everything you normally keep on your counter. The coffee maker, knife stand, spice rack, and toaster all get a break from the action. 

The result? Clear, wide-open countertops so buyers can imagine a stress-free cooking experience.  

Next, install new hardware and a coat of paint to the cabinets to liven up the rest of the kitchen. With any extra funds available in the staging budget, upgrade the backsplash. You can even use faux tile if you are tight on cash. 

On to the next staging tip for selling your home! 

7. Light It Up

The golden rule of staging is to feature natural light whenever possible! Open curtains and blinds all the way. Turn on all of the lights. 

The goal is to make your home bright and inviting. In some houses, this may require upgrades to the light fixtures. Make sure you align your selection with the rest of the design plan you devise from the full set of home staging tips. 

8. Showcase Storage 

Storage can be a make-or-break decision point for buyers. Don’t miss a chance to highlight available storage!

Channel your inner Maire Kondo and start cleaning out all the closets. Make the closets memorable by coordinating colors, adding shoe racks, and tossing in matching clothing bins. 

This simple hack will result in a professional look that allows buyers to understand how much can be done with the closet space. 

9. Remove Family Photos & Mementos  

We’re almost to the end of the list of home staging tips! 

That means it’s time to take down personal touches. Go through the house and remove family photos and artwork from the children that hint at the current homeowners’ identity.

It’s best if the entire home appears neutral to buyers. It’s your job to make it easy for them to envision what the home will look like in the future with their family photos and mementos. 

10. Incorporate Appealing Scents

Time for the final touch. Now is your chance to appeal to an additional sense! 

Influence buyers’ feelings even further by incorporating scent in the home. Choose a warm vanilla candle for the kitchen, an invigorating jasmine diffuser for the bedrooms, and a light eucalyptus air freshener for the bathrooms. 

Your home will smell truly irresistible! 

On To The Next Step For A Successful Home Sale

When you apply these 10 home staging tips, you’ll have an offer on your home in no time! 

This means you’ll be entering into the sometimes daunting home closing process. Let New Venture Escrow help you make that process smooth and stress-free with our team of escrow experts and innovative escrow technology. 

Just start by contacting us and we’ll be happy to help you with all of your escrow needs.

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