Top 5 Home Staging Questions: What to Expect

Top 5 Home Staging Questions What to Expect

Do you want your home to stand out in the market? Are you looking to increase your selling price and decrease your selling time? A great way to accomplish these objectives is through home staging.

Home staging is a method to make your home appealing to a wide audience. The home staging process involves: decluttering, cleaning, depersonalizing, possibly repainting or replacing appliances, rearranging furniture, and redecorating with a neutral style.

Home staging is your way to help potential buyers envision living in your home. It is designed to highlight your home’s greatest assets and sometimes take away from its weaknesses. This is a strategic marketing tactic to make your home warm, welcoming, and energetic. The results of your efforts can be very lucrative when implemented correctly.

The process is very important because home staging can be a turning point for selling your home. It draws in potential buyers due to the aesthetic presentation and in return it speeds up the selling process.

You are most likely wondering how to successfully stage your home and what to expect. We are going to go over common questions about home staging and walk you through the process.

1. Do I Need Home Staging?

Home staging makes a home more appealing to a buyer and therefore will benefit any home. Even homes that are already decorated can benefit because there is a difference in what makes a home appealing while someone is living it and what makes a home appealing on the market.

You may love the personal style of your home but not all potential buyers will identify with your personal style. Also it is helpful to stage empty homes because it will help buyers envision their own furniture arrangements and give them ideas on how to utilize the space.

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2. What Is the Difference Between Home Staging and Decorating?

The difference between home staging and decorating is that home staging is designed to appeal to the widest audience of people. Decorating is tailored to your personal style. It is important to know this distinction.

Your home may be beautifully decorated but a potential buyer needs to envision their own furniture and decorations in the home. If your decor is a strong style the potential buyer may have a hard time envisioning their furniture in the space and get turned off.

3. Will Home Staging Affect My Selling Price?

Your staged home with a lovely presentation will have a higher perceived value. Therefore, most staged homes sell at list price, close to list price, or even above list price. You are more likely to sell your house at the price it’s actually worth. In the buyer’s eyes, unstaged homes have a lower perceived value and need more home improvements.

4. Should I Hire a Professional?

It is possible to stage your home yourself. However, it is beneficial to obtain advice or a service from professionals. Consult your real estate agent because he or she can offer advice on staging with your particular floor plan.

If desired, your real estate agent can recommend someone to stage your house. Although you can stage your own home, a professional will have a special eye for staging and will know how to make your home stand out.  Some professional home stagers even have access to furniture galleries and art to temporarily place in your home. These resources can bring positive attention and interest to your home.

5. How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

You can tailor home staging to your budget. It is your choice to choose the amount you wish to invest in home staging. You can stage your own home or home stagers offer different levels of service. Options vary from DIY home staging, minimal staging, or full package staging.

According to HomeAdvisor, the national average cost of a professional staging service is $1,150 but the typical range is from $547 – $2,075.

Home Staging Checklist

Whether you hire a professional to stage your home or you do it yourself, here are important pointers to check off.

  1. Prioritize Cleanliness
  2. Declutter and Depersonalize
  3. Update Necessary Appliances
  4. Make Repairs
  5. Utilize Light and Windows
  6. Go Neutral with Decorations
  7. Take Advantage of Outdoor Spaces

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Gain More Insights on Successfully Selling Your Home

Now that you know the value of staging your home to stand out in the market, do you want to learn more about selling your home with ease?

There are many tips and services available to help you have a successful real estate experience. Find more valuable insights and visit the New Venture Escrow blog or contact us for information on our escrow services!

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