Top 4 Virtual Communication Tools for Real Estate Agents


As COVID-19 pushes all businesses to work remotely, the real estate market has rapidly adjusted and shifted to virtually connecting to clients. The standard ‘physical’ open houses and meetings are on hold until further notice, and trends in technology are making it easier  for virtual meetings and home showings. As a real estate agent online, clients are expecting you to be prepared and have a virtual game plan such as social media strategies for real estate.

We know altering the way you work can be worrying and you must have a load of questions. How can I give my clients that homey feeling through a computer? What can I do to make this change in process as smooth as possible?

Despite your concerns, know that working remotely increases productivity, efficiency, and is substantially convenient, especially with the utilization of these tools.

With these top 4 online tools for real estate agents, you’ll be able to put your questions at ease and make your work process more effective and convenient for you and your clients.

Best Online Tools for Real Estate Agents

VentureTrac 4.0

VentureTrac 4.0 is an easy virtual escrow service application to make the lengthy escrow process faster and more convenient for everyone involved.


  • Documents safely stored to your virtual file cabinet
  • Easy access to documents
  • Real- time updates on tasks as completed to keep track of what’s been done
  • Secure messaging system
  • Ability to create and instantly send net sheets
  • Plus much more!

Benefits: All documents are easily accessible for the buyer, seller, and real estate agent and secured for user safety and convenience. You will have the ability to sign documents anywhere at any time and manage to see pending or completed tasks. This application makes the escrow process less stressful for your clients and the real estate agent will have peace of mind by knowing everyone is informed of their duties.

When escrow goes smoothly, buyers and sellers are happy.  When buyers and sellers are happy, real estate agents WIN!


Spacio is an application to market your listings, acquire new leads and communicate with them.


  • Automated email follow ups
  • Social profiling
  • Ability to create custom registration forms for your events.

Benefits: Real estate agents will be able to boost their listings and clientele.They will also have the chance to collect information about potential buyers and be informed about the ideal specifics your visitors want; for example: budget , location, size, etc.


TruPlace offers virtual experiences like tours and open houses for  buyers on behalf of  agents.


  • Online photo gallery
  • Virtual tour videos
  • Virtual staging
  • Interactive floor plans,
  • Ability to make custom packages for your specific needs.

Benefits: You are able to visually display your houses to potential buyers in the best virtually way possible. Buyers will be able to virtually roam around the house comfortably and manually control the tour. You’ll have the ability to customize what you want or individually buy an experience. Once you buy the products, they are yours and you can post or send them wherever you’d like.

PalmAgent ONE

PalmAgent ONE allows real estate agents to give buyers and sellers estimates of how much the home buying will cost.


  • Calculate estimates for buyers
  • Produce seller net sheets
  • Socially connect with clients
  • Attract potential clients through photos and infographics.

Benefits: Saves real estate agents from doing manual calculations and presents the information in a simple and straightforward way. You will need to input the costs of repairs, etc but this is an easy and fast way to give buyers and sellers estimates of the closing costs.

Staying Virtually Competitive

We know real estate is a competitive market and you have to consistently try to capture buyers and sellers attention. Additionally, with COVID-19 pushing all of us to work remotely, it intensifies the problem.

This is just a small fraction of the virtual real estate tools available today. It can be difficult and time-consuming to find the right tools to fit in with your strategies.

Partnering with tech-savvy real estate players will give you a huge advantage and help you gain  recognition.

At New Venture Escrow, we help real estate agents close successfully and easily with our one-of-a-kind cutting edge escrow service technology. VentureTrac 4.0 allows agents, buyers, and sellers to monitor every step of the escrow process at their fingertips, making closing a breeze.

Contact us today to join the forward-thinking New Venture Escrow family and learn how we can  help you virtually communicate with your clientele and be competitive as a virtual realtor.

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