Social Media Marketing for Your Real Estate Business

Social Media Marketing for Your Real Estate Business

Social Media Marketing for Your Real Estate Business

Getting started with Social Media Marketing for your Real Estate Business doesn’t have to be challenging task. These simple steps will help you get started.

 #1 Pick a Platform
When starting out on social media it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the choices.  Start out simple by choosing one or two platforms. Choose from the larger platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn. If your already using one of these, stick with it. This will help you leverage the friends and business associates you already have and because you’re already connected, they’ll be more likely to spread the word about your real estate business.

#2 Set-up your Profile
To set-up your personal profile on Facebook or LinkedIn, visit their website and follow the prompts to set up a new and free account. For ideas on how to make your realtor profile stand out from the crowd read Social Media: LinkedIn Headline and Website Links on our blog.

#3 Add a Business or Company Page
Add a Facebook Business Page or a LinkedIn Company Page to further market your real estate business services. This is the place to share insights about your business and gives you a chance to talk about your unique services in detail. For step-by-step instructions on setting up your Facebook Business Page or your LinkedIn Company Page, contact us.

#4 Post Status Updates Regularly
Posting regular status updates is important. Try to start out slow by posting one update every day. Keep a log of how many followers or ‘Likes’ you have so you can start to quantify your results over time. Remember when composing your status updates keep your audience in mind. Keep in mind that Facebook is generally geared more for connecting with friends and LinkedIn is used for connecting with business professionals.

#5 What Should I Post?
Try posting about events in your area, new community buildings, or big changes and try to include pictures. Post the links to your Listing Websites or Craigslist ads. Remind your readers about an upcoming open house. Help sellers get their homes ready to sell by providing useful tips like slow-cost staging ideas. Provide tips to first-time buyers and use your updates to really highlight what makes your service unique.

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