7 Tips For Getting Through Your Escrow

Escrow exists as a neutral entity that helps parties finalize a housing purchase. Think of it like a storage unit that doubles as a safety net. The escrow keeps all documents and funds in custody until the home is sold safely and legally.

Both the buyer and seller are involved in escrow, but the one shared goal is to close escrow as soon as possible. Until escrow is closed, the financial transaction and related paperwork is still pending, and the deal hangs in the balance.   

Most people lack familiarity with escrow and do not know what to expect. We want you to feel comfortable diving into the process with the knowledge of how to  avoid falling out of escrow. Knowledge is key to eliminating surprises! 

Prepare yourself by reading these 7 tips for getting through your escrow! 



1. Build Strong Relationships 

Going through escrow can be tough and unpredictable. Take your time early on to identify the right, experienced real estate agent for you. You can ask the important questions that lead to a successful realtor partnership and also inquire as to what recommendations your agent has regarding escrow.

Trust your agent, but check in together once a week at a minimum during escrow to stay on the same page. 

2. Create An Escrow Timeline

Work with all parties to create an escrow timeline. The structure of a timeline provides a better understanding of what to expect and keeps you on track. 

The escrow process typically lasts between 30-60 days. You can view an estimated timeline of the escrow process from start to finish. 



3. Don’t Procrastinate Paperwork

Get things done quickly! Small delays on your end can result in significant delays by other parties. 

The paperwork is one aspect of escrow you have complete control over, so take the lead. Treat the escrow process like it is a job! Sign your documents as soon as you have carefully reviewed the content. The last thing you want is to be responsible for a major slow-down that delays the sale. New Venture Escrow’s VentureTrac 4.0 app allows you to sign paperwork electronically and gives notifications so you don’t fall behind!

4. Pause Financial Changes

Thinking about making a big purchase before the home sale is final? Wait! Significant changes to your financial circumstances cause delays and complications during escrow. Your accounts and credit will be under review, so you do not want to do anything that raises a red flag.

Roadblocks for your escrow: 

  • Buying a new car
  • Opening new line of credit
  • Making large purchases on your credit card 
  • Missing bill payments 

A good rule of thumb to use: if you think there’s a chance it would impact your credit report, don’t buy it! 

5. Prioritize Your Inspections

When possible, schedule inspections as early in the escrow process as you can. If you need multiple inspections, try to book them all for the same day. Another tip is to attend the inspections in-person. You will be able to ask questions and visually see the items that are included in the inspection report. 

The results of the inspection could prompt negotiations or repairs that extend your escrow timeline. Buyers and sellers alike can learn more about inspection day and avoid further delays by reviewing these home inspection tips

6. Maintain The Right Balance

Escrow will be stress-free if you find the sweet spot between planning and going with the flow. Start with a thorough to-do list in the beginning, but accept that the original plan will change… multiple times. 

Your tasks during escrow are general “targets” that are subject to many factors. You should anticipate changes. Keep your schedule flexible – don’t put your moving dates and plans in ink until everything is complete! 

7. See the Light at the End of the Tunnel! 

Finally, relax and reflect upon the exciting purchase or sale that will happen soon. Escrow is a journey, but the more you can focus on the end result, the easier it will be. Expect the unexpected and avoid getting mad. 

Housing transactions are complicated, but you can still find ways to minimize stress and stay positive! Don’t forget to pursue your normal routines and hobbies to the extent possible to distract yourself from escrow. Be on the lookout for ways to increase the efficiency of your escrow. 

Open Your Escrow With New Venture Escrow

Now you know how to get through your escrow. Go one step further and explore a paperless escrow experience through the VentureTrac app. To get started, contact us at New Venture Escrow

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